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September 12, 2013
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HPA: Gabriel Rogers by DigiC300 HPA: Gabriel Rogers by DigiC300
oh man I really shouldn't be joining a group a month and a half before I move |D; But I have a app on my phone that lets me go onto dA chats, so hopefully when I move I can still be in touch

"Filthy, filthy, filthy..."

Name: Gabriel Rogers

Age: 16

Height: 5’6”

Weight: 130

Gender: Male

DOB: May 25th


SHSL: Cleaner

When Gabriel was growing up as a kid, his parents were constant neat freaks. They didn’t like how he would always get dirty, and would clean him up right away. He built up that mannerism and cleans anything that he deems “filthy.”

Ethnicity/Home: English, U.S.A.

Extra Features:
- Faceguard-like bandana across face

- Head garment to cover hair from dust/dirt

- Hair tied up in a pony tail

- Sleeves are rolled up

Weapon: N/A


Personality: Gabriel is a germaphobe. He deems most things to be filthy, and will try to clean up any stains or spots on the ground. He hates any physical contact with people and even the slightest touch will cause him to pull out the baby wipes and disinfectant spray. Not only is he a germaphobe, but he is also a perfectionist. He will always try to put things back in the correct spot at the correct angle, and if something is out of angle, he will try to fix it. Despite his germophobea and his perfectionism, he is quiet and submissive. He usually remains quiet for mostly anything, and will easily agree to do whatever, unless it involves dirt or other filthy things.


- Cleaning

- Quiet

- Perfection

- Disinfectant

- Order


- Dirt

- Chaos

- Crude Jokes

- Writing

- BUGS :stare:

Additional Info:

- He hates, hates, Hates blood, not because its,well, blood, but because its so hard to get out of the carpet.

- He carries around disinfectant spray and lint rollers, just to be safe.

- He avoids writing down anything, as his handwriting is super sloppy and cannot seem to fix it

- He keeps all of his cleaning supplies in almost every corner of his room: his drawers, his bathroom, his dresser, even under the bed.

- He has his hair in a pony tail inside his head garment



History/Family: Gabriel was born and raised by two very controlling, neat freak parents in a small town in California. At a young age, he was a mud-loving, outdoors kid. He loved to play in the mud whenever his parents weren't looking and always explored the forest that was close to his school yard. Whenever he came home dirty, his father would quickly take him to the bath while his mother cleaned up the mess he brought in from the outside world. He always hated getting clean, so after a bath he would immediately run to a dirt patch outside and rolled around in it. But it only ended up with him getting washed once more. Eventually, he invited his friends over to his house, causing his parents to outrage when they all brought in mud. Since his parents weren't allowed to wash the other kids, they forced them out of their home and made Gabriel break all connections from them. Seeing how depressed Gabriel became after having lost his friends, his parents decided to hand-pick new, clean kids to hang out with him. Needless to say, it didn't work out so much and made it so that Gabriel only kept his friends at school and never mentioned it them to his parents.

At around the third grade, Gabriel's parents started to think that the school condoned the mindset that being dirty is okay, so they pulled him out and enrolled him into a online academy. There, his parents monitored him like a hawk, always making sure that he didn't sneak outside or that he wasn't looking up dirty sites. As the years went on, he slowly gained the mentality that dirty was bad and clean was good. He also started to realized how many of his things in his room were crooked, so he would always try to put them in the right angle whenever they fell out of place. With all of his assignments being on the computer, his hand writing diminished and became nothing but scrawls, leading to him to never write down anything anymore. At around age 15, his father soon fell ill with salmonella. His mother decided to put him into the hospital, away from the house and to somewhere that is just as sterile. Since his father was in the hospital and his mother now had to work two jobs to pay the bills, his mother half-heartily put him back into Public School, where he would be a Sophomore.

While at the public school, he realized how dirty everything was: the class rooms, the walls, the gymnasium, the cafeteria, the people, and worse of all... the bathrooms. He couldn't take how filthy everything was, so when no one was around, he would break into the janitor's closet and steal their cleaning supplies, only to clean whatever came to his mind first, which usually ended up being the bathrooms most of the time. He made every bathroom, including the girls bathroom, clean and spotless, along with making the hallways gum-free. At several times, he would get caught by either the janitors or the campus police, sending him first back to his classes but soon straight to the principle's office. He received warning, threats of suspension, actual suspension, and even the threat of expulsion if he continued the behavior. After the threat of expulsion, he stopped breaking into the janitor's closet, and instead started sneaking in his own cleaning supplies from home. While checking his email one day, he received an email from a supposed scouting high school called Hopes Peak Academy. Apparently, it was a high school where the best of the best would go, and apparently he was scouted due to his record of constantly cleaning almost everything in his school, without consent of course. At first, he couldn't believe it, thinking it was spam. I mean, who would get scouted for just cleaning everything. However, curiosity burned in him and he looked it up, the first search telling about the school. He was surprised it existed, and, thinking that it might be cleaner than the filthy hell-hole that was the public school, he showed and asked his mother if he could go there. As it was free to go and everything would be provided for him by the school, she agreed. He packed up his clothes, toiletries, and cleaning supplies, and headed off to the mysterious school, not knowing what might happen.

RP Sample: It truly was a terrifying scene. Simply horrifying. Gabriel stood in absolute shock at what was in front of him. He couldn't comprehend who, or what, would do this to a room, his room of all things. There were muddy footprints lining the carpeted floor. Dust covering every piece of furniture. Grime caked into the bathroom sink and shower. The toilet... too horrible to even put to words. The mere sight of the room left him with a defeated state. He didn't know if he could clean all of this. But... there is still hope! He pulled out his arsenal of cleaning supplies, vacuums, disinfectant spray, mop, scrubbers, bleach, dusters, etc., and began to take down the filth demon known as his room once and for all.
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I can just see my guy Edmund tracking mud or something on the floor and Gabriel being like, 'I just cleaned this floor!!!' xD
DigiC300 Sep 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Gabriel: Mud? On this clean floor?! UNACCEPTABLE! :stare:
Edmund: Well, you ot to 'ave put a 'Don't step here its clean' sign!
DigiC300 Sep 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Gabriel: :stare: I knew I forgot something. Also, you stay there. Your boots are filthy with mud.
Edmund: -Glares- Oi! You callin' me dirty?! Why don' cha say it to ma face!
DigiC300 Sep 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Gabriel: I'm not saying you are, just your boots. Now that you mention it, though, your face does have some dust on it. You might want to wash your face too.
Edmund: -Pouts- Fine... As my mum told me, I ot to not argue with an expert.
Umbrella-girl1995 Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Welcome~! :D
DigiC300 Sep 21, 2013  Student Digital Artist
Umbrella-girl1995 Sep 21, 2013  Student General Artist
Would you like to rp? C:
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